Ultimate Motor Coordination Training

Jukestir's unpredictable motion is:

Low Impact

Goal Oriented

Large Range of Motion

What do they think?

Increase Outcomes. Increase Income.

At Rock Steady Boxing

Fight Parkinson's

By simulating unexpected movements and targets, Jukestir trains individuals with Parkinson's to enhance their motor skills, coordination, and reflexes. Scientifically designed to challenge and stimulate neural pathways, Jukestir aims to enhance focus, and cognitive flexibility, empowering you to combat the impact of Parkinson's on your mental acuity. Unleash the full potential of your brain and embark on a proactive journey to maintain cognitive wellness, making every moment count in the battle against Parkinson's.

Injury Prevention

Designed to challenge and strengthen the body's key muscle groups, Jukestir's dynamic techniques enhance stability, flexibility, and balance, increasing proprioception and reducing the risk of injuries. Jukestir empowers you to stay injury-free and reach peak physical performance.

Injury Recovery

Jukestir allows therapists to customize exercises based on an individual's needs. Patients can improve their range of motion, joint stability, and regain confidence. Jukestir adds an element of engagement and enjoyment to the rehabilitation process, making it an effective and motivational component of physical therapy.


I purchased this bag for two programs I run: one with autistic young adults, and the other with Parkinson's disease. Jukestir has been great for helping them.

Brett Hann | Occupational Therapist

It's a fun tool. My patients love it. I use the Jukestir a lot of balance exercises as an external stimulus, it helps my patients static and dynamic lower extremity stability.

Dr. Ulrick Jean-Pierre | Professional Physical Therapy

I think in a facility that deals with balance, any kind of neuro or vestibular this would be great.

Jordan West | Professor of Physical Therapy, WSU

Patent Approved

Dynamic Motion Technology

The premium multi-density foam provides durability and satisfying feel.  The internal weighting system creates unpredictable lifelike motion. The spinal cord generates realistic flow and head movement. The custom shape maximizes action and mental activity.

Easy to Hang ○ Easy to Store ○ Portable ○ Works in Apartments ○ Beginners or Advanced