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What Are The Best Targets on the Human Body?

What Are The Best Targets on the Human Body?
Centerline targets are mostly located within a 3-inch strip at the center of the body. In the front, they include your nose, chin, throat, sternum, solar-plexus, and groin. In the back, they include your spinal cord and the base of your skull.
Note, eyes are also very close to the centerline, and if in a person is in a fighting stance, knees will also be in the centerline.
When your strikes land outside of the centerline, for example if you punch someone in the shoulder, they are able to turn their body which dissipates the energy. If your strike lands in then center, your opponent is unable to turn, and the energy goes directly into them.
"Hit the edge of a long it will spin, hit its center and it will sink." - Chinese Proverb
These targets are one strike and you win targets. These targets are so dangerous that many of them are outlawed by modern MMA rules (no spine shots, groin shots, or eye gouging). One clean strike to the opponent's nose can, at best knock him out, or at least get his eyes tearing up so he can't see clearly.
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