Enhance your body and mind with Jukestir's unpredictable motion.

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Increase Your Speed, Power, and Coordination

Unlike rhythmic bags, that just move back and forth, Jukestir never moves the same way twice. Its unpredictable motion trains you to think and react faster.

What is Jukestir?

Feel The Excitement

Because it's fun, you'll use it. Because you use it, it works.

Jukestir Really Works

Jukestir is Fun!

Jukestir Helps Everybody Win.

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Sparring Partner

Jukestir's unpredictable motion develops lightning-fast reflexes, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and a higher fight IQ. After you train on Jukestir, real opponents seem big and slow.

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Double Your Results

Jukestir makes your workout fun and exciting. Its dynamic movement keeps your brain engaged so you won't quit. Coordination exercise reduces plateaus and increases results.

Train Body & Mind


Think Faster

All movement starts in your brain. Muscles have no power to guide themselves. Jukestir builds elite level motor coordination. It trains you to process and react to the game faster than your opponent.

Decide to Win


Raise Your Grades

Jukestir helps improve focus and attention in students. There is a scientific link between building coordination and increasing cognitive function. Many things, like cell phones, damage your child's attention. It's time to fight back with Jukestir.

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Stay Sharp

Jukestir is great for an aging population because it strengthens the user's brain. Currently, Jukestir is being used to fight the effects of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Three clinical studies are ongoing.

Stay Sharp

Win With Jukestir

Used by athletes and coaches from these organizations.


Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues

UFC Middleweight

"You can work your precision. It's the small things that make the difference when you knock someone out. You need the precision and speed to hit the target. I love it!"

Cal Dietz

Olympic Team Coach

Jukestir is not sport specific because the skill is brain speed, which makes you better at every sport. It trains essential and fundamental skills. I like it.

Daiqwon Buckley

PFL Heavyweight

I like it. I'd definitely get one, 💯%

Nicole Leth

Director Armed Forces Wellnes Center

The coordination factor is great! It encourages physical activity and movement..It has a cognitive tie. I love it.

John Williams

Pro Tennis Coach

I think the Jukestir is an effective tool for activating and potentiating the nervous system.  The combination of visual, vestibular, and muscular systems being used simultaneously is a potent combination.

Rocky Snyder

2023 Personal Trainer of the Year

"Jukestir is incredibly versatile. We use it in our athletic conditioning class, everyone loves it. It works for all ages and abilities."

Jordan Ferguson

NFL Defensive End

"When you beat the hands, you beat the man. All lineman should get themselves a Jukestir bag."

Jordan West

Professor of Physical Therapy, WSU

I think in a facility that deals with balance, or any kind of neuro or vestibular, Jukestir would be great!

Brett Hann

Occupational Therapist

I purchased this bag for two programs I run: one with autistic young adults, and the other with Parkinson's disease. Jukestir has been great for helping them.

Francis "The Fire" Marshall

UFC Featherweight

"This helps you develop footwork, head movement, accuracy, and precision. If you're trying to get better, I highly recommend the Jukestir."

Dr. Ulrick Jean-Pierre

Professional Physical Therapy

It's a fun tool. My patients love it. It helps my patients static and dynamic lower extremity stability.

Carson "The Perfect Storm" Hardman

PFL Welterweight

"I like the footwork. I like the defense. I like the movement. Jukestir is way more like a real opponent than any other punching bag. We use Jukestir at the gym every day."

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Dynamic Motion Technology

  • Ultra Premium Foam
  • Custom Shape
  • Internal Weighting System

Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.

About Jukestir

Jukestir is a brain strengthening fitness device designed to improve your mental and physical performance. Using a state-of-the-art weighting system, Jukestir mimics the unpredictable movement of a real opponent, strengthening mental processes and skills such as focus, decision making, reaction time, peripheral vision, and hand-eye coordination.  These enhanced mental skills increase physical performance giving the user almost superhuman speed, accuracy, and coordination during critical situations.