Win Your Game

Decisions Win Games

Winning your game depends on decisions. It's the ability to weigh risks and rewards, remain calm under pressure, and react fast that sets winners apart in any game. Jukestir's unpredictable motion trains your to think and make split second decisions.

Decide to Win

Neuromuscular Coordination

Jukestir never moves the same way twice, making it impossible to anticipate. Your brain responds by building new connections called synapses. This allows for your brain to process and respond to information faster. The result? You are able to think and react faster than your competition.

All Movement Starts In Your Brain

Works For All Sports

Jukestir is not sport specific because the skill is brain speed.

NFL's Jordan Ferguson

Building his motor coordination.

WTA's Taylor Townsend

Improving her reflexes and reactions.

UFC's "Robocop"

Boosting his high-speed decision-making abilities.

Winners Use Jukestir

Used by Athletes and Coaches from These Organizations.


Jordan Ferguson

NFL Defensive End

"When you beat the hands, you beat the man. Jukestir helps me with speed, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time."

Cal Dietz

USA Olympic Coach

Jukestir is not sport specific because the skill is brain speed, and that helps you learn other skills faster. It trains essential and fundamental skills. I like it

John Williams

Pro Tennis Coach

I think the Jukestir is an effective tool for activating and potentiating the nervous system.  The combination of visual, vestibular, and muscular systems being used simultaneously is a potent combination.


Dynamic Motion Technology

  • Ultra Premium Foam
  • Custom Shape
  • Internal Weighting System

Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.