Jukestir - Coordination Punching Bag

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Color: Black

Jukestir is the first ever unpredictable punching bag. Its unique and challenging movement will boost your speed, coordination, and cognitive function.

Easy to Hang ○ Easy to Store ○ Portable ○ Works in Apartments ○ Beginners or Advanced


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Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues

UFC Middleweight

"You can work your precision. I think of surgery, it's the small things make the difference when you knock someone out. You need the precision and speed to hit the target. I love it!"

Carson "The Perfect Storm" Hardman

PFL Welterweight

"I like the footwork. I like the defense. I like the movement. Jukestir is way more like a real opponent than any other punching bag. We use Jukestir at the gym every day."

Francis "The Fire" Marshall

UFC Featherweight

"This helps you develop footwork, head movement, accuracy, and precision. If you're trying to get better, I highly recommend the Jukestir."

Jukestir never moves the same way twice.

Dynamic Motion Technology

Precision Weighting System​

Premium Molded Foam ​​

Engineered Shape Optimizations  

Boost Your Mental and Physical Performance

ˑ Full Body Workout

ˑ Enhances Reflexes

ˑ Builds Confidence

ˑ Relieves Stress