Jukestir Coordination Punching Bag®

Win Your Fight™

Jukestir is the closest punching bag to real sparring. Its unpredictable motion will boost your reflexes, creativity, and coordination.

Bring Sparring Home

Decisions Win Fights

Should you attack or defend? Move forward or back? Jab, cross, or hook? Winning takes more than just speed and power—it's about making the right move in an instant. Jukestir trains you to master those split-second decisions.

A Striking Difference.

Limited Movement

Heavy Bag is great for hitting hard, but it's not hard to hit.

Rhythmic Movement

These bags are designed to be hit over-and-over in the exact same place.

Jukestir Speed and Coordination Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA Black

Dynamic Movement

Jukestir is great for boxing because it moves unpredictably like a real opponent.

Strongman Champion

"It feels solid, it feels good. I cannot rip this at all."

Welterweight Champion

"I think Jukestir will make you a lot better."

UFC Fighter

"Jukestir works your precision, I love it!"

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Win Your Fight™

Fight Smarter

Jukestir raises your fight IQ by simulating the unpredictability of a real opponent, increasing your adaptability, quick decision-making, and precise timing.

Improve Your Footwork

Footwork is one of the most important skills in boxing, but punching bags don't train footwork - until now. Jukestir improves your footwork more than any other bag.

Enhance Your Vision

Most punching bags only engage central vision. Jukestir trains your peripheral vision, which results in greater speed and accuracy.

Used by Fighters and Coaches from These Organizations:

Trust The Pros

Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues

UFC Middleweight

"You can work your precision. It's the small things that make the difference when you knock someone out. You need the precision and speed to hit the target. I love it!"

Steven "So Cold" Nelson

NABA Super Middleweight Champion

"I've been using the Jukestir for changing levels and hand-eye coordination, it's one of the best bags out there."

Daiqwon Buckley

PFL Heavyweight

"Take it with you to the gym, or to your home. I like it. I'd definitely get one, 💯%"

Francis "The Fire" Marshall

UFC Featherweight

"This helps you develop footwork, head movement, accuracy, and precision. If you're trying to get better, I highly recommend the Jukestir."

Chris "Action Man" Curtis

UFC Middleweight

"I love the idea...honestly an intelligent approach..definitely a test of reflexes and coordination."

Carson "Perfect Storm" Hardman

FFC Welterweight Champion

"I love the Jukestir. When I go to the body and then up to the head, that's what it feels like in a real fight."


Dynamic Motion Technology

  • Precision Weighting System​
  • Premium Molded Foam ​​
  • Engineered Shape Optimizations

Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.