Jukestir Coordination Punching Bag

Fun, Fast, Fitness

Jukestir is the fun way to workout. It never moves the same way twice which keeps you motivated and engaged.

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Burn 500 Calories per hour

An experience that moves you.

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Train Your Brain

Dynamic Movement

It's a Great Workout

Used by Athletes and Coaches From These Organizations.


Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues

UFC Middleweight

"You can work your precision. It's the small things that make the difference when you knock someone out. You need the precision and speed to hit the target. I love it!"

Daiqwon Buckley

PFL Heavyweight

"Take it with you to the gym, or to your home. I like it. I'd definitely get one, 💯%"

Francis "The Fire" Marshall

UFC Featherweight

"This helps you develop footwork, head movement, accuracy, and precision. If you're trying to get better, I highly recommend the Jukestir."


Dynamic Motion Technology

  • Ultra Premium Foam
  • Custom Shape
  • Internal Weighting System

Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.