Jukestir Coordination Punching Bag®

Fight Parkinson's

Jukestir's unpredictable motion makes you think and move. It helps individuals with Parkinson's to enhance their motor skills, coordination, footwork, and reflexes.

Win Your Fight

Unlock Healing with Brain Power

Jukestir's unpredictable motion challenges your brain. As a result, your brain builds new connections (called synapses), and like a muscle, it gets stronger.

A Striking Difference.

Limited Movement

Heavy Bag is great for hitting hard, but it's not hard to hit.

Rhythmic Movement

These bags are designed to be hit over-and-over in the exact same place.

Jukestir Speed and Coordination Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA Black

Dynamic Movement

Jukestir is great for physical therapy because it moves unpredictably, which builds neuromuscular coordination.

2023 Personal Trainer of the Year

Rocky Snyder, "I love using the Jukestir, I defiantly recommend it for all the trainers out there"

Rock Steady Boxing

Cassy Webster, "With this they will be able to retrain those [brain] messages to go a little faster."

APTA Conference

"This is a tool that can be really's a more affordable option...Jukestir can be used in a lot of different clinical settings."

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Enhancing Motor Skills Through Innovative Physical Therapy

Build Your Coordination

Jukestir's unpredictable motion strengthens the link between your body and brain, increasing your proprioception and helping you regain lost motor function.

Prevent Injuries

Jukestir's dynamic motion enhances stability, flexibility, and balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries which saves you time and money.

Recover Quickly

Patients will improve their range of motion, joint stability, and regain confidence. Jukestir adds enjoyment to the rehabilitation process.

Used By Patients and Physical Therapists from These Organizations:

Trust The Pros

Rocky Snyder

2023 Personal Trainer of the Year

"I love using the Jukestir, I defiantly recommend it for all the trainers out there."

Brett Hann

Occupational Therapist

I purchased this bag for two programs I run: one with autistic young adults, and the other with Parkinson's disease. Jukestir has been great for helping them.

Dr. Ulrick Jean-Pierre

Professional Physical Therapy

It's a fun tool. My patients love it. I use the Jukestir a lot of balance exercises as an external stimulus, it helps my patients static and dynamic lower extremity stability.

Jordan West

Professor of Physical Therapy, WSU

Compared to the competition, Jukestir is a more affordable option. I think in a facility that deals with balance, or any kind of neuro or vestibular, Jukestir would be great.


Dynamic Motion Technology

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Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.