Jukestir Coordination Punching Bag®

Ever Quit a Workout? Not with Jukestir

80% of Americans have quit an exercise program—often because it's too monotonous. Doing the same moves mindlessly leads to boredom and quitting. Jukestir changes that: it's dynamic, engaging, and fun, keeping you hooked on fitness.

Get Fit Now

Double Your Results

Unlike traditional exercises that focus on repetitive movements, Jukestir engages both your body and mind. This innovative approach doesn’t just sculpt your muscles, it strengthens your brain and nervous system as well.

A Striking Difference.

Limited Movement

Heavy Bag is great for hitting hard, but it's not hard to hit.

Rhythmic Movement

These bags are designed to be hit over-and-over in the exact same place.

Jukestir Speed and Coordination Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA Black

Dynamic Movement

Jukestir is great for your workout because the unpredictable motion trains body and mind at the same time.

It's a Great Workout

An experience that moves you.


Jukestir never moves the same way twice, effectively preventing workout plateaus and continuously challenging your progress.

Easy to Use

Jukestir is easy to hang, easy to store, and portable. Take it with you on the go, to the gym, or at your home.


Use Jukestir with virtually any traditional exercise to enhance your workout and achieve superior results.

Used by Athletes and Coaches From These Organizations:


Rocky Snyder

NSCA 2023 Trainer of the Year

"Jukestir is incredibly versatile. We use it in our athletic conditioning class, everyone loves it. It works for all ages and abilities."

Tony Horton

Creator of P90X

"It's defiantly a mental workout. It's trippy. I got one for my gym, I know just where to hang it."

Nicole Leth

Director Armed Forces Wellnes Center

The coordination factor is great! It encourages physical activity and movement..It has a cognitive tie. I love it.


Dynamic Motion Technology

  • Ultra Premium Foam
  • Custom Shape
  • Internal Weighting System

Warriors, athletes, and scientists literally tested thousands of formulations to create the most realistic movement possible.