The Secret To Successful Sparring

The Secret To Successful Sparring

Sick of always getting whooped in sparring, no matter how much you train?

Every week, you spend hours exhausting yourself with roadwork.

Then you go to the gym and punch that bag until your 12 oz gloves feel like they’re 20oz. Your shoulders are so burnt out that you can barely lift your arms above your head, and you’re so exhausted that all you can feel is your lungs burning as your heart pounds against your rib cage. Yet after all your hard work, when sparring day arrives, you still receive that same beating you did last week.

This beating makes you feel enraged. But you're not mad at your coach, and you’re not mad at your sparring partner.

You're mad at yourself.

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Because after all that time you spent forcing yourself to work harder and keep going, you still feel like the same slow, sloppy boxer that you were last week.

And even though you’re not a quitter and refuse to give up, you realize that the feeling of not getting better, no matter how hard you work, is slowly driving you insane.

What you don’t realize is that what you're doing is the very definition of insanity.

Because according to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, by you doing the same training methods day after day, week after week, and expecting a different result, you are literally setting yourself up for failure and driving yourself insane.

What Needs To Change?

How do you change your routine so that you can stop taking those beatings every sparring session and never again leave the gym feeling sloppy and disappointed in yourself?

How do you put an end to that sloppiness and become a more composed boxer?

To take control over your performance and leave every sparring session with pride,

Not just pride in your performance but pride in your ability as a boxer.

So you can know that all your hard work isn't going to waste, and if you keep training, then you will get to that point where you will never again have to question your capability as a fighter.

Well, in order to build up your skills and, in turn, build up your confidence as a boxer, all you need to do is...

Start training your eyes.

Training the eyes?

The equipment you use doesn't train your eyes, let me explain…

Do you know what the problem is with hitting almost all bags in boxing today? Doesn’t matter whether it’s the:

  • Heavy bag
  • Speed bag
  • Double-ended bag
  • Reflex bag

Or any other bag you can think of.

The problem is you can’t miss it because you always know where it is going to be.

To put it in simple terms, you're not going to miss that big heavy bag because, unlike your sparring partner, the heavy bag barely moves.

You may be thinking, “What about the reflex bag, that moves unpredictably?”

No, it doesn't. Although the reflex bag does move around, it still moves in a rhythmic motion, meaning you always know exactly when to hit it.

But unlike the reflex bag, your sparring partner isn’t going to walk toward you like a chicken pecking at a trail of corn.

In order to train your eyes, you're going to need something that does more than move backward and forwards, so that you only have a split second to see, think, and react, just like when you’re sparring.

The TRULY Unpredictable Bag

My coach once told me, “How you train is exactly how you spar.”

Anyone with any experience in boxing will tell you that this quote is completely true.

So if you’re always training with bags that allow you to punch them without fully concentrating on what you are hitting, then you aren’t going to fully concentrate on what you are hitting when you are sparring.

And this is exactly why you struggle to land punches and spar effectively.

Bruce Lee also said, “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

If you want to spar effectively, then you are going to need something that demands 100% of your concentration 100% of the time in order to train effectively.

✅ Something that’s going to be fast,

✅ Something that doesn’t stop moving,

✅ Something that if you aren’t concentrating, you WILL MISS IT.

So if you want a bag that demands 100% of your concentration in order to build the successful warrior’s laser-like focus, then click the button below and finally gain the concentration you need to prove to yourself that you are cut out to be a fighter.



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