World's first unpredictable punching bag helps kids build focus and attention.

Increase Focus

Enhance Cognitive Function

Get Out Energy

Award Winning Teacher On Jukestir

Don't tell them to focus

Train Them To Focus

Coordination exercise has been proven to strengthen connections in your
. (A process called synaptogenesis). These new connections increase your
mental performance, focus, and processing speed.

Scientifically Proven

Evidence suggests that gains in children’s mental functioning due to exercise training are seen most clearly on tasks that involve executive functions. Executive functions are involved in performing goal-directed actions in complex stimulus environments, especially novel ones, in which elements are constantly changing.

Child's mobile

Same Concept

Looking, reaching, tracking a moving object is known to promote good mental health. Jukestir takes that concept to the next level for students.


Patent Approved

Dynamic Movement Technology

The premium multi-density foam provides durability and satisfying feel.  The internal weighting system creates unpredictable lifelike motion. The spinal cord generates realistic flow and head movement. The custom shape maximizes action and mental activity.

Easy to Hang ○ Easy to Store ○ Portable ○ Works in Apartments ○ Beginners or Advanced

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